A different thirty day period, an additional new Star Wars Large Republic reserve to gush about. This one particular, an audio drama from breaker-of-hearts Cavan Scott and concentrated on the ruthless and fascinating Nihil, Lourna Dee. Star Wars: Tempest Runner is available now from anywhere you get your audiobook take care of.

Writer Scott is no stranger to Star Wars audio dramas about villains, as he penned the illuminating script for 2019’s Dooku: Jedi Missing. Scott provides the similar depth and seamless dialogue to the captivating character analyze of Lourna Dee (voiced by Jessica Almasy), the supposed “Eye” of the Nihil (according to the Republic), but in actuality a multifaceted, cruel Tempest Runner.

Tempest Runner weaves Lourna’s story as a result of the cloth of the darker sides of the Republic, discovering the increase and fall and rise yet again of the Twi’lek’s notorious empire. The audio drama is Lourna’s origin tale instructed via flashbacks as she’s interrogated and interviewed by various Republic officials just after a failed mission still left her imprisoned and her Tempest in ruins.

Tempest Runner chronicles situations straight away right after the Jedi’s epic battles from the spreading Drengir (see Scott’s The High Republic Marvel comic sequence) and the horrifying destruction of the Republic Fair on Valo (see Scott’s The Increasing Storm grownup novel), but this time instructed from Lourna’s viewpoint together with a few other Nihil. Although it doesn’t necessarily force the total Large Republic tale forward, it showcases a interesting dive into the environment of the ruthless place pirates that lovers have been clamoring for considering the fact that staying introduced to the Nihil back again in Light-weight of the Jedi (Charles Soule).

It comes as no surprise that Lourna’s lifestyle tale is a tragic a single, marked by underestimation, misunderstanding, tragedy and betrayal. Lourna is the most sadistic of the Nihil Tempest Runners, but up until eventually now, we didn’t have an response as to why. By means of flashbacks, current-day events and other quick, framed tales, we discover what helps make Lourna tick — displaying her fraught journey from staying royalty on her residence planet of Aeloth and a heartbreaking betrayal to her enslavement, rescue by the Jedi, working for the Republic, honing her brutal fighting competencies in Outer Rim cantinas and usually managing from her earlier and towards a chaotic foreseeable future with the Nihil.

As the segment titles make clear, Lourna’s everyday living has been marked by remembrance, recriminations, revenge and eventual renewal. Tempest Runner commences in present-day on the Substantial Republic timeline, kicking off the tale with a former Nihil recalling the tale of how Lourna finished up in the clutches of the Republic, imprisoned aboard the Restitution. Through discussions with associates of her Tempest, we listen to how cruel and commanding Lourna definitely is. And by a temporary trade with Marchion Ro (Marc Thompson), we study just how a lot Lourna hates being advised what to do, how to do it and staying interrupted.

We hear a great deal of her historical past by way of conversations with Starlight Beacon’s head of protection and by way of interviews with Councilor Wittick (Dan Bittner) aboard the Restitution. The most enthralling scenes occur in flashbacks to Lourna’s marketing in the Nihil by previous Eye Asgar Ro (Jonathan Davis), who tells her she’s his “greatest perform.” These scenes give a glimpse into the violent anarchism of the Nihil along with an exciting just take on how the relaxation of the place pirates truly feel about the latest Eye Marchion Ro.

The thread connecting Lourna’s earlier, present and foreseeable future is her use of distinct names and identities. Though she’s utilized the name of her brother and the name “Sal” to survive an academy and her imprisonment by the Republic, she’s imbued her accurate identify, Lourna Dee, with respect and dread. Following a existence of remaining undervalued, manipulated, betrayed and underestimated, Lourna is a girl scorned who now calls for terror-backed obedience.

Irrespective of her trauma and subsequent evolution into the ruthless Tempest Runner she is now, her desire for revenge and retribution are relatable and occasionally deserving of admiration. Her intensity and advancement into ability echoes that of Asajj Ventress (The Clone Wars), eventually incorporating another vicious female villain to Star Wars’ repertoire.

When the in general tale of Tempest Runner is gratifying and Scott’s abilities at producing immersive dialogue are on comprehensive exhibit, the audio drama structure can be difficult to comply with alongside with, particularly for those who may possibly have auditory variances or who just really do not normally take in audiobooks. Past audio dramas have afterwards manufactured an accompanying script reserve with extra narration particulars, and fans keep on to hope that Tempest Runner’s script will be produced sooner instead than subsequent year.

Tempest Runner is made simpler to digest with a entire solid cranking out some of the most charming voice get the job done together with extraordinary audio creation and seem results. Like other Star Wars audio dramas, Tempest Runner is pretty literally like a limited television sequence in your ears. At a minimal much more than 6 several hours in duration, Tempest Runner is a reduced-stakes financial investment of time, but one that pays off speedily with a intriguing, in-depth analyze of a vital antagonist in the Higher Republic era.

Whilst admirers have looked ahead to every single new Superior Republic presenting, the hoopla for a Lourna Dee-targeted tale could not have been as large since of her short appearances in past novels. It turns out, visitors may possibly also have underestimated Lourna’s significance and impact in the Large Republic in favor of concentrating on the machinations and motivations of Marchion Ro. Tempest Runner proves our assumptions about Lourna incorrect, gifting us with a story we didn’t know we desired but now cannot imagine living without.

Star Wars: The Significant Republic: Tempest Runner is offered now from Penguin Random Property Audio. It is prepared by Cavan Scott and functions the voice skills of Jessica Almasy, Dan Bittner, Orlagh Cassidy, Sullivan Jones, January Lavoy, Kathleen McInerney, Tara Sands, Vikas Adam, Jonathan Davis, Neil Hellegers, Saskia Maarleveld, Soneela Nankani, Marc Thompson and Shannon Tyo.