The flicks of Superheros that right now lead the box office have their origin in the comics that for decades have been posted in different publishers. A single of the leaders is DC Comics, which has emblematic characters remembered by all generations. For this reason, the organization carries on to launch stories that feel to have no finish. A 7 days in the past, in the comic Batman: Urban Legends #6 it was unveiled that the so-referred to as third Robin it is bisexual. With this foot, Superman and Surprise Girl they would also be section of the neighborhood LGBT+ from future posts.

The information was launched by Ethan Van Slever, a cartoonist who labored in the firm illustrating distinctive comics, such as the Green Lantern. In your account Twitter, the artist assured “DC Comics is executing homosexual a Superman”. The speculations and issues of his followers did not take extended to arrive and the intrigue by this tweet generated dozens of responses.

DC would validate the homosexuality of Jonathan Kent (DC Comics).

In this sense, Van Sclever confident that when he spoke of Superman, he was not definitely referring to Clark Kentbut his son. In this way, the authors would ensure the homosexuality of Jonathan Kent, one particular of the most recent people, considering that it was introduced just 5 yrs ago. What is occurring in the comics was explained by numerous of his followers as anything “historical”, since never before experienced the identification of the characters been tackled in this way.

The artist, a former employee of the leisure firm, reaffirmed: “In DC, all the proficient and experienced workers had been laid off. No incentives for creators any longer”. With respect to other renowned authors this kind of as Geoff Johns and Warren Ellis, he indicated that they had been “canceled owing to problematic”. According to the cartoonist, it is apparent that the company’s staff would not be heading as a result of their finest second.

By way of closing, Ethan Van Sclever left one final information for comic ebook viewers: “Wonder Lady, Superman, Aqualad and Robin are gays no matter what”. He also referred to Brian Michael Bendis, the author who arrived from Marvel to DC for an exclusive contract: “Bendis breaks the deal by Dark Horse Comics”. As a closing, he concluded: “The Suicide Squad bombs the box business office”.


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