It’s almost another new comic book day, which means new releases hitting stores and digital platforms. Each week in The Weekly Pull, the team highlights the new releases that have us the most excited about another week of comics. Whether those releases are from the most prominent publisher or a small press, brand new issues of ongoing series, original graphic novels, or collected editions of older material, whether it involves capes and cowls or comes from any other genre, if it has us excited about comic books this week, then we’re going to tell you about it in The Weekly Pull.

This week, DC launches a new Batman Black Label series and releases a double dose of Wonder Woman while Marvel Comic celebrates Pride. There’s also a new volume of DC Through the ’80s, the launch of the new Image Comics series Vinyl, and more.

What comics are you most excited about this week? Let us know which new releases you’re looking forward to reading in the comments, and feel free to leave some of your suggestions as well. Check back tomorrow for our weekly reviews and again next week for a new installment of The Weekly Pull.

Batman: Reptilian #1

(Photo: Liam Sharp, DC Comics)
  • Written by Garth Ennis
  • Art by Liam Sharp
  • Letters by Rob Stein
  • Published by DC Comics

Garth Ennis is a titan among comics writers, and he doesn’t take on superhero work lightly. You know that if he’s putting out a Batman book for DC’s Black Label that it’s going to be something special. He’s teaming with Liam Sharp, who’s hot off of working on The Green Lantern, for a story about a monstrous predator lurking in Gotham City’s shadows. What’s scary enough to strike fear into the hearts of villains accustomed to fighting the Dark Knight? Find out in Batman: Reptilian #1 this week. — Jamie Lovett


Wonder Woman #774

Wonder Woman #774
(Photo: Travis Moore, Tamra Bonvillain, DC Comics)
  • Written by Michael Conrad, Becky Cloonan
  • Art by Andy MacDonald
  • Colors by Nick Filardi
  • Letters by Pat Brosseau
  • Published by DC Comics

Diana’s left Asgard, but the adventure is far from over and that’s exactly why you need to check out this week’s Wonder Woman #774. Diana heads into the correct afterlife this week but finds herself faced with a shocking turn when she discovers that Olympus has fallen. Conrad and Cloonan’s Wonder Woman run has been nothing short of phenomenal thus far and with the story moving forward to this next challenge and this next path in the afterlife, the story is only getting richer and more engaging. This is a must-read for Wonder Woman fans. — Nicole Drum