Initially announced as a “special,” Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild is potentially much more OVA than whole-on motion picture. It is a scant hour lengthy, and when meant to be watchable by equally proven lovers of the sport franchise and those who have hardly ever played a second of it, it also feels really significantly like a prologue to Monster Hunter 4, as it focuses on the earlier of some of the NPCs from that iteration of the franchise – precisely how Aiden achieved Julian and Nadia in the 1st place. While it ends properly shy of Aiden truly becoming the Ace Cadet throughout the key storyline, we do get a glimpse of him in that position as the bookending to the movie, which is fundamentally an extended flashback.

In the most important body of the tale, Aiden is a plucky young teen living in a distant mountain village. An orphan, he would make his dwelling by serving as a Hunter substitute for the village, given that they are truly too significantly absent from any major towns to make employing authentic Hunters a likelihood most of the time. Aiden’s not great at what he does, given that he lacks any teaching – either physical or ideological – but he’s got oodles of enthusiasm and that’s superior plenty of for most of the people today he is operating for. The actuality that he’s truly great at cobbling factors together is also a key point in his favor he may perhaps not often imagine anything all the way as a result of, but it can be tough to argue with his creative use of a cast-iron skillet as chest armor, primarily if you’ve ever unintentionally dropped one particular on your foot.

Aiden’s out doing work on something comparatively unrelated to looking when he bumps into Julian, whom game gamers will understand as the Ace Commander. Julian may have the appeal of a grumpy wildebeest, but he is evidently quite, very very good at what he does, and he’s not as averse to assisting Aiden as he tries to look. Not that he is ever significantly wonderful to the boy, but he does just take the time to assist him learn about fighting, environmentalism, and to enable him to give the skillet back again to whoever Aiden took it from by offering actual armor. What Julian is doing out in all those wilds is some thing Aiden is considerably less thrilled with: he’s telling villages to pack up and shift out for the reason that a lunastra, a type of woman dragon, is headed their way, driving a stampede of other monsters eager to get out of her way before her. By the guild’s reasoning, if the horde does not decimate the villages, the lunastra absolutely will, and they’d like to reduce reduction of daily life.

Aiden’s objections to this are two-fold, and they present some of the only good character operate in the movie: he and the villagers do not want to go away just due to the fact some person from considerably absent arrives and tells them to. They have generations invested in this village, and a fancy big-shot Hunter is just not heading to encourage them to depart it at the rear of. While Aiden himself could possibly intellectually fully grasp what Julian is expressing, he’s also been lifted in this village – and already missing a different a person earlier in lifestyle when his moms and dads were killed, so he is just as stubborn on this concern as the rest of his neighbors. His other objection is that he, in his teenager-fueled enthusiasm, is confident that he and Julian can fend off the monsters, since in his thoughts, Hunters can do everything, specifically high-ranking kinds like Julian. That Julian provides in to this is presumably meant to show that he has a comfortable place for the child unfortunately in apply it arrives off additional as essential for the plot to shift along in a timely manner.

That is the biggest challenge with this story: the plot is quite slender and the people even extra so. Every person is slotted into a particular archetype and supplied no real chance to shift past it the closest is potentially Mae, who is permitted to development from keen researcher to a front-line fighter. The good news is this is at least partly assuaged by the glimpse of matters – irrespective of to some degree awkward animation for the human characters, the monsters move efficiently and showcase the franchise‘s styles really nicely. Even the much less-intriguing creatures like the congalala glimpse great in terms of movement and specifics. (And indeed, the inclusion of a congalala signifies a fart joke.) Lizard-like creatures are even additional remarkable, particularly if they materialize to breathe fireplace, and the textures of their skin is a considerably cry from the mildly plastic look of the individuals. It is really also really worth mentioning that Mae’s butterfly-themed armor is notably nice, even if the point that her thighs are partially exposed would not feel like a vibrant plan. (Nadia’s armor makes fewer feeling evidently Monster Hunter operates on the Barbarian university of armor logic.)

The voice solid is solid, which aids to make up for the overuse of the exclamation “holy moly” and the simple fact that Aiden just does not shut his mouth for a lot more than a moment during the film. There is an unlucky Middle Japanese stereotype for the merchant who can make a temporary visual appeal, but normally the story steers distinct of any important challenges. The paucity of character progress isn’t going to do wonders for viewer attachment to characters who die throughout the training course of the story, but we can see how that might have influenced Aiden in becoming the Ace Cadet to a degree, which is probably a lot more the target of the crafting.

Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild is neither amazing nor awful, landing firmly in “okay” territory. Viewers who now know the figures as NPCs are most likely to get a little bit far more out of it than those people who do not, but any curiosity about the franchise‘s lore really should make this sufficiently attention-grabbing to get through these kinds of a quick operate time. It might not be technically anime – an American studio taken care of the animation – but it is a decent more than enough entry into Monster Hunter‘s earth.