Warning: The adhering to post has spoilers for Episode 2 of “Loki.”

The next episode of “Loki” launched a new villain at the end — Girl Loki. And this could have big repercussions for what arrives upcoming in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

What transpired in ‘Loki’ Episode 2?

The 2nd episode of “Loki” — titled “The Variant” — ended with Loki meeting the variant Loki managing close to killing members of the Time Variance Authority. The variant reveals herself to be a feminine edition of Loki from an additional timeline, who many comic e book visitors would see to be Girl Loki.

Who is Girl Loki in the Marvel comics?

As we find out in the second episode of “Loki,” the god of mischief has taken several sorts in excess of the several years in multiple timelines. In some cases, Loki is even larger, more robust and monstrous. Other times, he’s fragile, little and a whole lot like his existing self. We study in Episode 2 that, sure, the variant working all over is Girl Loki — a feminine variant of the unique Loki.

In the Marvel comic books, Lady Loki experienced a really potent starting in 2008, in accordance to Digital Spy. She typically tricked the Marvel superheroes, just like Loki does. In truth, the primary Loki in the comics is reborn as Girl Loki following the Ragnarok Apocolypse on Asgard (which occurred in the comic textbooks in 2008). She essentially made use of the human body of Lady Sif, who was Thor’s adore interest at the time. In accordance to the Marvel wiki web page, Girl Loki normally labored with Asgardians to just take down some villains as effectively. Curiously, Loki the moment took the kind of the Scarlet Witch — indeed, Wanda from “WandaVision” — to fight the Avengers in the Marvel comics shortly just after, according to the Marvel wiki website page.

“Seeing as Woman Loki is just Loki, her identity and qualities are the identical as the god of mischief,” according to Nerdist. “She can change from heroism to villainy, manipulation to altruism, and is, of program, incredibly attractive. Since of those people similarities, the point we can learn most about Loki from the truth that Girl Loki could present up is more to do with circumstance and tale than character.”

What does Lady Loki imply for the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

For every Electronic Spy, the addition of Woman Loki as an alternate edition of Loki indicates that we may possibly see additional versions of Loki in the potential. For instance, we could see a Child Loki demonstrate up, who was also well known in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

“If what the TVA say is to be considered, it looks that this Loki is a variant who hails from a divergent timeline, and her actions at the conclude unquestionably indicate she plans to build the multiverse that Marvel has been building in direction of for so long,” in accordance to Electronic Spy.