Warning: The pursuing posting is made up of spoilers for Episode 2 of “Loki.”

The second episode of “Loki” introduced us our initial glimpse at our huge terrible for the sequence. It’a a female with blond hair, dressed similar to Loki.

With all the converse of variants and illusions, we rushed to consider that the feminine-wanting Loki was, in actuality, Woman Loki, as I wrote for the Deseret Information.

But a new Marvel principle suggests it’s not Girl Loki at all.

‘Loki’ Episode 2 ending, explained

In the second episode of “Loki,” we see Loki meeting with the Loki variant who has been on the operate, killing customers of the Time Variance Authority and thieving timeline reset rates. She appears to be a feminine variation of Loki.

In the Marvel comics, Loki was reborn as Lady Loki following the Ragnarok Apocolypse on Asgard (which, in the comedian publications, happened in 2008. Loki sent his spirit into the human body of Lady Sif, who was Thor’s lover at the time. From there, Girl Loki worked like Loki.)

However, there’s a concept that the conclude of “Loki” Episode 2 confirmed us a distinct villain — Enchantress.

Is it Woman Loki or Enchantress?

So there’s a operating principle that Girl Loki is Enchantress. 1 reason? Very well, the Castilian Spanish dub for the show lists the character’s identify as Sylvie. And the next variation of Enchantress had the title Sylvie Lushton ahead of she turned the villain, according to IGN.

And, as IGN reviews, Enchantress has been regarded for donning environmentally friendly costumes with blond hair. Woman Loki, in the meantime, has experienced darkish hair in the comics.

We will not know right until the collection finishes. But Brandon Davis of ComicBook.com introduced a further notion — possibly Marvel is undertaking a very little little bit of each. In Davis’ “Loki” breakdown video, he spelled out that Marvel may possibly be mixing the Woman Loki character and Enchantress alongside one another, combining two villains into one for the sake of clarity.

Who is Enchantress?

Enchantress initially came from Asgard, in which Loki and Thor are from. She could manipulate minds and enchant people’s minds with spells — similar to Sarah Jessica Parker’s character in “Hocus Pocus.” But Enchantress could hardly ever enchant Thor no subject how substantially electricity she used.

The Sylvie version of the character, who came later on in the Marvel comics, bought the electricity from Loki. And she has a muddled background, as well, IGN experiences.

“Though normally presented as an antagonist to groups like the Youthful Avengers and the Defenders, Sylvie is a character a great deal like Loki himself. She’s torn among a seemingly inevitable destiny of evil and a drive to write her possess tale,” in accordance to IGN.