A excellent source of Vitamin C and B, dragon fruit calls for pretty tiny h2o and grows greatest in sites with sizzling temperatures. This can make it an great fruit to develop in many sections of India. In fact, numerous farmers across the region are now developing this exotic fruit, and the finest component is that you can way too, proper at dwelling.

Indira Ashok Shah, a resident of Bengaluru, is an avid city gardener and has two dragon fruit trees in her terrace yard. She can help us have an understanding of how we can increase the fruit in pots.

“From the two trees I nurture, I am capable to get shut to 20 fruits each and every time,” she tells The Far better India. Whilst the ideal way to develop dragon fruit in your pot is by sowing the seeds, the plant can take up to 4 to 5 decades to develop. For that reason, receiving a sapling from a nursery will also get the job done just wonderful.

Actions to comply with:

How to make a slicing and test for moisture in the soil.

1. To commence with, put together the drum or pot you intend to use to sow the seeds or plant the sapling. The potting mix ought to consist of red soil, cocopeat, compost and sand.
2. If you are employing a cutting of the fruit, it needs to be stored aside for four days in a shaded location just before you can plant it. The reducing needs to be dry ahead of it is transferred to a pot.
3. The moment the chopping is dry, it can be planted. Make sure you drinking water the soil once you have included the chopping.
4. This should be followed by putting the pot in an space that will get superior sunlight. Dragon fruit requires sufficient sunlight to be able to grow perfectly.
5. This plant does not involve a large amount of h2o. The ideal exam is to verify the dampness stages on the area and when the soil commences to sense dry, h2o the plant. Do not above-h2o at any place.
6. At the time the plant starts to increase, it will require help, for which you can incorporate in a adhere and tie the plant to it.

Indira notes, “The most effective part about rising dragon fruit is how very low upkeep this plant is. Water only when the major soil looks dry and include compost after every a few months, and the plant will grow nicely.” Though some dragon fruits are self-pollinating, other individuals count on moths and bats to carry out evening time pollination.


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How to carry out hand-pollination of dragon fruit?

  • Glimpse for the woman flower (it is normally the one that has opened or bloomed the most).
  • Pluck the pollen from the woman flower and gently sprinkle in excess of the male (smaller or lesser bloomed) flowers.
  • Simply click in this article to watch a online video on how you can assist the pollination process.

Things to observe

  • The perfect sizing of the pot should really be 15-24 inches in diameter and 10-12 inches in depth. It is essential to make sure that the pots also have two or 3 drain holes.
  • You can use plastic, clay or even terracotta pots for the dragon fruit.
  • While the best dimensions is stated, making use of a greater pot will only be beneficial as it will give the roots much more area.
  • Attempt to make guaranteed that your dragon fruit plant will get close to 8 several hours of fantastic sunlight each individual working day.
  • Aphids and ants are the pests most probably to infect the plant. To tackle this challenge, you can use an organic and natural insecticide.

(Edited by Divya Sethu)