Michael Bublé. James Taylor. Incubus.

They’ve joined the escalating ranks of performers inquiring Des Moines new music venues to demand proof of COVID-19 vaccination for entry to their displays, opposite to a new Iowa law prohibiting these kinds of actions

Bublé and Taylor are scheduled to show up at Wells Fargo Arena — Des Moines’ biggest indoor location — on Sept. 17 and Dec. 8 respectively. Adam Flack, Iowa Situations Centre advertising director, reported that although it is not Wells Fargo Arena’s coverage, it will honor their request by necessitating ticketholders to present evidence of vaccination or a detrimental COVID-19 test inside of the earlier 72 hours 

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“We are not evading the Governor’s ban on vaccine passports as the vaccine is not the sole prerequisite to gain admittance, you could do the destructive examination if you want,” Flack explained.