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Not many people can say that the album stands alongside Norah Jones, Frank Sinatra, Michael Bublé, Fleetwood Mac, etc., but Canberra’s Jack Bilman says so. Canberra’s musician’s latest album, Full Circle, floats at the top of the jazz and blues ARIA charts, with only the international music Jaguar Note standing between him and number one. “It’s pretty crazy,” says Biilmann. “Before releasing the album, I actually set a goal to be on the charts. I did some research to find out who else was there,” well, the record was great, but hopefully “so, Why can’t I? “” So I really bowed down and put together a little strategy, and it just paid a dividend. “Full Circle debuted at number 6 on the chart. -And one of the two Australians, but Billman almost missed the chance to see his debut on the charts. Musicians initially checked the charts a week too early. The musician only noticed the achievement when a friend pointed out the list the following week. .. This is just one of the highs that Bilman has experienced as an emotional roller coaster since the release of Full Circle. “The day the album was released, I had to put one, so it was really such a wave of emotions. My dog,” he says. ars, when I try to talk, they say, “You must be very excited,” I go, “Yes, it’s not.” It was really hard. “So passing the chart rankings was, after all, a really bittersweet moment.” Read more: Full Circle is a product of COVID-19. The musician had just released the album of BIILMANN, a side project “down the drain” as soon as the pandemic broke out and the national tour was cancelled. Biilmann says it left him a dark place, and it actively found a connection with his fan base that helped him get through the pandemic. “I realized that I built this wonderful community around my music,” he says. “I realized this and realized that I didn’t have to worry about all these dark things and I shouldn’t focus on what I did, what I built, and thankful for it.” I found a way to interact with the community by playing live. Gig on social media and basically get to know them. This journey is reflected in the release, with a mix of tracks that show both the dark side of Bilman’s pandemic experience and other tracks that reflect the acceptance of what’s happening in the world. I’m not saying that COVID is positive, but for me, a little perspective can really help, “he says. Australia, when it was bad, I could still walk my dog, if I wanted, I could still go for coffee. The privilege we have here, apart from music, is all about everything compared to the rest of the world. Our journalists are working hard to bring the latest local news to the community. This is how you continue to access our trusted content.


Canberran Jack Biilmann’s album Full Circle tops blues and jazz charts | The Canberra Times

Source link Canberran Jack Biilmann’s album Full Circle tops blues and jazz charts | The Canberra Times