The final time DC visitors observed Ra’s al Ghul, he’d been handed a significant defeat — and not even by Batman, but by the Outsiders, Batman’s handpicked group of superheroes who have to have to get their shit with each other. In the meantime, Ra’s daughter experienced her very own key society snatched out from underneath her by a D-listing hero turned villain, and his grandson is nevertheless refusing to embrace his family’s dim future in favor of remaining Batman’s sidekick.

So it helps make perception to me that Ra’s would be carrying out some soul hunting. I wasn’t anticipating him to do it dressed like a Yoga Instructor Who Fucks.

What else is occurring in the pages of our most loved comics? We’ll inform you. Welcome to Monday Funnies, Polygon’s weekly list of the textbooks that our comics editor loved this earlier 7 days. It’s component society pages of superhero lives, section studying recommendations, section “look at this interesting art.” There may be some spoilers. There may possibly not be ample context. But there will be good comics. (And if you missed the final edition, go through this.)

Graphic: Joshua Williamson, Jorge Corona/DC Comics

Throw on a handful of additional necklaces and a leather wrist cuff and I’m sure I have observed this dude advertising exorbitantly high priced Boho household decor out of a New York gallery. Also: Wait, are MCU Thanos and Ra’s al Ghul … variety of the exact same character?

Jon Kent/Superman easily catches the kick of the ninja attacking him and holds him in mid-air by his ankle. “This hardly seems like a fair fight,” the ninja says. “Ninjas are supposed to be silent,” Jon replies, “I shouldn’t hear you complain” in Superman: Son of Kal-El #1 (2021).

Impression: Tom Taylor, John Timms/DC Comics

Jon Kent, son of Superman and Lois Lane, is filling his dad’s sneakers as Earth’s protector now, and just like his dad, he’s likely to his goth best friend for information. Which signifies I bought taken care of to one of my favourite Superfamily-interacting-with-Batfamily tropes: When the Super-person just hangs out although the Bat-man or woman fights a million common dudes for the reason that they know their Bat-individual has it all nicely in hand and the two of them just have a quiet conversation while becoming pelted by ninjas.

Squirrel god Ratatoskr bawls petulantly after being transformed into a young human boy. “Settle down,” Wonder Woman tells him, “YOu’re just a boy. “Nooooo!,” he wails, “I’m hideous!” in Wonder Woman #776 (2021).

Graphic: Michael W. Conrad, Becky Cloonan, Jill Thompson/DC Comics

This week’s Question Woman requires location entirely inside the realm of Faerie, and is gorgeously illustrated by visitor artist and veteran Ponder Female expertise Jill Thompson.

I would also be upset if I was a millennia-previous squirrel god of gossip and was reworked into a compact human boy.

The Eternal Phastos explains his dark discovery to the shocked reactions of the other Eternals: The secret cost of their cycle of resurrection is that every time one of them comes back, a human life is taken as fuel. In Eternals #6 (2021).

Picture: Kieron Gillen, Esad Ribić/Marvel Comics

Several fantastic Marvel sequence wrapped up their 1st, only, or last arcs this 7 days, setting up with Eternals, which concluded its initial arc with a pretty attention-grabbing and incredibly Kieron Gillen-y expose. The Eternals’ just discovered out that their infinite resurrection comes at the price tag of a random human life extinguished every single time they come again from the lifeless. Extremely significant things for a team cosmically programmed with the have to have to safeguard humanity.

Older Cable warns his younger self not to ask whether things turn out ok. “You want good outcomes?” he says, “Fight for them.” in Cable #12 (2021).

Impression: Gerry Duggan, Phil Noto/Marvel Comics

Cable also came to an conclude this 7 days, punctuating its shut by sending Teenager Cable again to the upcoming so he can live out Cable’s unique timeline, and bringing adult Cable into Krakoa’s present. It is been a excellent miniseries that definitely gave Teen Cable the time and space to come into his own as a character and inspite of acquiring to “get rid” of him at the stop, it sticks that landing like nearly anything.

Beta Ray Bill draws a massive flaming sword from its stony platform with a FWOOSH in Beta Ray Bill #5 (2021).

Impression: Daniel Warren Johnson/Marvel Comics

Also TRAGICALLY coming to a shut this week is Daniel Warren Johnson’s Beta Ray Monthly bill. I will spoil nothing about the ending but dudes. My dudes. This book dominated.

“You couldn’t have turned him into something more dignified?” Wonder Woman exclaims as she picks up an orb containing a guinea pig. “Oh, I don’t know.” replies Circe, “Guinea pigs have a quiet dignity.” in Wonder Woman Black & Gold #2 (2021).

Graphic: Rachel Smythe/DC Comics

Which just one of Diana’s superhero buddies did Circe convert into a guinea pig in a magical hamster ball? You are going to have to read this small comedian in Ponder Lady Black & Gold by Rachel Smythe to uncover out.

DC is leaning into anthologies this calendar year, and it’s a direction I like for a good deal of reasons — normally the first one I deliver up is that anthologies are a good way for publishers to examination out new talent. But this is one particular where by it’s in fact the reverse: Smythe’s runaway WebToon hit Lore Olympus is arguably a single of the major comics phenomenons out there suitable now.

The other side of anthologies is that they can catch the attention of skilled creators with incredibly different audiences from DC’s standard readers specifically by supplying scaled-down jobs to work on. And what a best match of Lore Olympus and the DCU’s own Greek Mythology Cleaning soap Opera Superhero.