Everyone knows the joys of an amazing perfume for keeping your body smelling fresh and lovely — and now there are fragrances created specifically for hair. Why, you ask? Since hair is porous, it retains aromas well, which is why it often needs a scent refresh in between shampooing. That also means that perfume lingers longer on hair, making hair perfumes an amazing option for those who want their scent to last.

And while you could just spritz your go-to perfume on your strands, there is a difference between regular and hair perfume. Hair perfumes are often made with less alcohol, which can dehydrate hair and make it brittle. And rather than being bad for your hair, many are infused with strand-boosting ingredients like botanical oils to enhance shine and softness. Even better, hair perfumes are often a fraction of the cost of regular perfumes, making them a great way to try a luxurious or new scent without spending a mint.

Here, the best hair perfumes you can buy, according to Good Housekeeping Institute Beauty Lab experts, including bargain fragrances.

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Best Overall Hair Perfume

Baccarat Rouge 540 Scented Hair Mist

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris


This new cult classic warm, sweet amber fragrance from perfumer Maison Francis Kurkdjian is a GH beauty editor all-time favorite, and this smaller bottle is a perfect way to try the scent for far less than $300+ for the regular version. “This stays on my hair forever and wears off beautifully,” a Nordstrom reviewer notes. 


Best Drugstore Value Hair Perfume

Care Between Washes Hair Perfume Go Active

Formulated for active lifestyles, Dove’s fresh, clean-scented hair perfume is infused with softening glycerin and castor oil to revive strands on the go, at a bargain price. “Love how I can refresh my hair after going to the gym and feel like I just washed it!,” a Walmart reviewer says. “It’s so travel friendly, you can just put in your handbag and use it anytime you need.”


Best Hair Perfume on Amazon

Lustr Shine Enhancing Hair Spray Perfume

Top-rated on Amazon, this peach-scented Aussie hair perfume with gloss-boosting castor oil has over 2,000 5-star reviews. “Smells AMAZING!!” one Amazon reviewer raves. “Plus, it leaves a nice subtle shine to your hair that’s just lovely.”


Best Light Hair Perfume

Stella Hair Fragrance

For a hair perfume that’s not overpowering, turn to this mild version of Tocca’s classic, a GH Beauty Lab expert go-to. “Clean and citrusy notes, such as bitter orange, are energizing but not overpowering, and I love how they combine with the lily scent that comes through,” says GH Beauty Lab senior chemist Sabina Wizemann.


Best Shine-Enhancing Hair Perfume

Honey Infused Hair Perfume

This Gisou hair perfume infused with honey and argan oil is another GH beauty editor pick. True to its name, “it smells like honey and fresh flowers, and also helps my strands look shiny and smooth, all while not weighing down my hair,” GH Beauty Assistant Katie Berohn says. 


Best Sophisticated Hair Perfume

Cote d’Azur Hair Refresher

Luxury hair brand Oribe has bottled its iconic citrus, jasmine, and sandalwood scent as a hair perfume laced with a plethora of nourishing plant oils (grape seed, olive, sunflower and sweet almond). “It makes hair smell like you just got a blowout at a fancy French hair salon,” GH’s beauty editor says. 


Best Floral Hair Perfume

Eau Rose Hair Mist



If you love flowery fragrances, this Diptyque hair perfume is for you: The true rose scent is softened with an amber-like note and freshened with a crisp fruit essence. It also contains camellia oil to add suppleness to strands. 


Best Musky Hair Perfume

For Her Hair Mist

Narciso Rodriguez


One of the holy grail minimalist-chic scents, Narciso Rodriguez’s warm, musky hair perfume has long been a GH beauty editor gold standard. “It adds a feminine and airy lift to your hairdo that cannot be achieved with shampoo or conditioner,” a reviewer reports. “I don’t leave home without spraying a quick burst of mist to my hair.” 


Best Fruity Hair Perfume

English Pear & Freesia Hair Mist

Jo Malone


One of Jo Malone’s most beloved fragrances, it uniquely entwines juicy pear fruit with intoxicating freesia flowers. “I actually use this as an alternate of my perfume,” a Nordstrom reviewer reveals. “My hair smells good all throughout the day and I get lot of compliments as well!”


Best Sweet Hair Perfume

Island Vanilla Hair & Body Mist

Scent your strands like a delicous dessert with Pacifica’s hair mist, “baked” with the aroma of rich Tahitian vanilla and honey. “I’ve gotten several compliments on my smell since I started using it,” an Ulta reviewer says. “Everyone tells me I smell like sugar and the scent is long lasting.”


Best Fresh Hair Perfume

Kerasilk Repower Beautifying Hair Perfume



From the salon brand Goldwell, this hair mist boasts haircare benefits thanks to silkening provitamin B5.  Plus, its scented with citrus, pink pepper and lily for a freshly-washed aroma


Best Feminine Hair Perfume

Miss Dior Hair Mist

Envelop your hair in sweet, ladlylike floral notes with this Dior hair mist, a bouquet of two types of fresh-cut roses plus earthy rosewood and a touch of citrusy bergamot. “So feminine and pretty and truly captures that beautiful smell of flowers,” a Macy’s reviewer reveals. 


Best Natural-Smelling Hair Perfume

Reserve Skin Hair Fragrance

Clean’s hair perfume smells naturally like clean, warm skin, and the brand says it’s made with both sustainable ingredients and packaging. And the scent lasts: “I sprayed it on my hair over 24 hours ago and I can still smell it,” a Sephora reviewers remarked. “It did not feel like it dried my hair out at all.”


Best Classic Hair Perfume

No5 The Hair Mist



Perhaps the most timeless of all scents, Chanel’s celebrated perfume with complex citrus, floral and woodsy notes is now also a hair mist. “I spray this in my brush and the classic scent stays all day,” a reviewer says. 


Best Soft Hair Perfume

Suede Orris Hair Mist

Molton Brown


Subtle yet rich floral and woodsy notes meld in this Molton Brown hair mist to give strands a powdery-soft scent. “Love the waft of this gorgeous scent in my hair,” an Amazon reviewer raves, “It’s indulgent and luxurious!”


Best Bold Hair Perfume

L’Interdit Hair Mist



Turn heads with this high-impact Givenchy hair perfume, a powerful melange of jasmine, woodsy vetiver and patchouli. “This smells divine,” a Nordstrom reviewer revealed. “I can’t stop smelling my hair!”

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